Australian Play Catalogue



Dinkum Assorted: Two Acts – 15f

BODDY, Michael and ELLIS, Bob

The Legend of King O’Malley (Musical): Two Acts


Rio Saki & Other Falling Debris: One Act – 3m, 3f
The River, The Dirt and Us: For young people – numerous roles
Three Points of Contact: 1m, 2f
Dirty Apple (an opera with composer Jonathan Henderson)

COOK, Kenneth

Stockade: Two Acts (musical play)

CUSACK, Dymphna

Morning Sacrifice: One Act – 9f
Jungfrau (adapted by Johnathan Hardy): Two Acts – 3m, 5f


Honey Spot: (for children) – 1m, 1f + 2 boys, 1 girl
No Sugar: Four Acts – 13m,8f
The Dreamers: Two Acts – 5m, 1f + 2 boys, 1 girl, 1 male dancer

DORNEY, Marcel

Fractions: Two Acts – 4-7m, 1f
Charcoal Creek: Two Acts – 2m, 1f
Kassandra: One Act – 3m, 4f
Thieves Like Us: One Act – 1m, 3f
Royal: One Act – 2m, 1f
Omon Ra: One Act – 4-12m
The Knowing of Mary Poppins (co-writer): One Act -3f
Harriers: One Act – 1m, 2f
Return: One Act – 5f
Thousand and Flag
The Lives of the Stars
Bulldog Front


After January (co-written with Philip Dean): One Act, 2m, 2f
Zig Zag Street (co-written with Philip Dean): Two Acts – 2m, 2f
48 Shades of Brown (co-written with Philip Dean): Two Acts -2m, 2f
Perfect Skin (co-written with Janis Balodis): Two Acts – 5 cast
The True Story of Butterfish: Two Acts – 5 cast


Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee: Two Acts – 4m, 1f, 1 body


The School for Wives (translation of Moliere): Two Acts – 6m, 2f
Coup d’Etat: Two Acts – 3m, 2f
Burnt Piano: Two Acts – 3m, 2f
His Mother’s Voice: Two Acts – 3m, 3f
A Land Beyond The River: One Act – 4m, 4f
Tartuffe (The Hypocrite): Two Acts – 8m, 5f
The Miser: Two Acts – 8m, 6f
The Imaginary Invalid: Two Acts – 8m, 5f
The Cobra: Two Acts – 4m
Origin: Two Acts – 5m, 4f
The Starry Messenger: Two Acts – 5m, 5f
The Australians: Two Acts – 4m, 3f
Harold in Italy: Two Acts – 6m, 6f
Kangaroo: Two Acts – 5m, 2f
Junction: One Act – 1m, 1f
Child of the Dark Sun: Two Acts – 4m, 4f
The Awful Manners of James Hopper: Two Acts – 3m, 3f
The Department Store: Two Acts – 4m, 4f
Hammer: Two Acts – 4m, 3f


Honk If You Are Jesus (co-written with Martin Laud Gray)
Three Dog Night (adapted by Petra Kalive)
Maestro (co-written with Anna Goldsworthy)

GURR, Michael

Julia 3: One Act – 3m, 1f
The Simple Truth: One Act – 1m, 1f
Mercy: Two Acts – 3m, 2f
Intelligence: One Act – 8 cast – flexible
Jerusalem: Two Acts – 3m, 3f
Crazy Brave: One Act – 4m, 2f
Sex Diary of an Infidel: Two Acts – 4m, 2f
Magnetic North: 3m
Underwear, Perfume and Crash Helmet: Two Acts – 3m, 3f
Shark Fin Soup: Two Acts – 4m, 4f
The Hundred Year Ambush: Two Acts – 2m, 3f


Capricornia (Adapted by Louis Nowra): Three Acts – 15m, 13f

JACH, Antoni

Waiting for Isabella: Three Acts – 2m, 3f or 1m, 1f for 45min stand alone version
Miss Furr and Miss Skeene: Two Acts: – 2m, 3f

KENNA, Peter

A Hard God: Two Acts – 5m, 2f
Mates: One Act – 3m, 1f
Slaughter of St. Teresa’s Day: 4m, 6f
Furtive Love: Two Acts – 4m, 2f
What Do They Call Me

KLEIN, Robin

Boss of the Pool (Adapted by Mary Morris): 1m, 4f
Hating Alison Ashley (Adapted by Richard Tulloch)


Summer of the Seventeenth Doll: Three Acts – 3m, 4f
Kid Stakes: 3m, 3f
Other Times: 3m, 4f
Picadilly Bushman: Two Acts – 5m, 3f


Bait: 5m, 2f
Last Drinks (adapted by Shaun Charles): One Act – 2f, multiple male roles
White Earth (with Shaun Charles): Two Acts 5m, 5f

REES, Leslie and PARK, Ruth

The Harp in the South: Three Acts – 6m, 8f

REEVES, Melissa

Furious Mattress: Two Acts – 2f, 2m
Tough Girls (musical theatre): Two Acts – 4f + musicians
Room (25 minutes): One Act – 2f, 2m
The Spook: Two Acts – 3f, 4m
Salt Creek Murders: Two Acts – 2f, 3m
Fever: Two Acts – 3f, 3m (co-written with Patrician Cornelius, Andrew Bovell and Christos Tsiolkas)…can also be performed as One Act:
Savant Magpie: 2f, 2m (co-written with Richard Frankland)
Rays Painting: part of Art and Soul (25 mins): One Act – 1f, 2m
Who’s Afraid of the Working Class: Two Acts, 3f, 3m (co-written with Patrician Cornelius, Andrew Bovell and Christos Tsiolkas)
Road Movie: One Act – 2f, 3m
Storming Heaven (musical theatre): Two Acts, 5f, 3m + pianist
The Emperors New Clothes: One Act, 2f, 2m
Sweetown: Two Acts, 4f, 4m
In Cahoots: Two Acts 7f


Breaker Morant: Two Acts – 14m

STEWART, Douglas

Fire on the Snow: (verse play) 3m, 3f
Ned Kelly: Three Acts – 15m, 4f


ANZ amateur and professional rights for playwrights via Curtis Brown London include:


Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot…The End….Happy Days…Krapp’s Last Tape and other plays
Fin Kennedy How To Disappear Completely and Never be Found
Conor McPherson The Seafarer…The Weir…Shining City and other plays
Mark O’Rowe Terminus…Crestfall…Howie the Rookie and other plays
Enda Walsh New Electric Ballroom…Penelope…Chatroom…Bedbound…Disco Pigs…Small Things and other plays