Please allow a minimum of six weeks for the processing of your request.  

All permissions and rights requests should be forwarded initially to reception(at)curtisbrown(dot)com(dot)au. 

In regards to the material you wish to reproduce please supply the following information:

  1. Author (eg. Dorothea Mackellar)
  2. Title (eg. MY COUNTRY)
  3. Publishing details (e.g. Who published it? In what year?)
  4. If you wish to reproduce a book extract include page number(s) and word count. For poetry include line count (even if you are using the whole poem). Please also note if you would like to adapt the material, and how.

Please also provide the following information about the proposed publication:

  1. Format (book, school exam, calendar, magazine etc) (eg. primary school textbook)
  2. Title
  3. Author/editor
  4. Publisher
  5. Publication date, or best approximation
  6. Recommended retail price, or best approximation
  7. Territories of distribution
  8. Initial print run (number of print copies to be produced in the first print run).
  9. Indicate if you wish to acquire any other rights such as onlineDVD or audio CD 
  10. Indicate if you wish to apply for any of the following: exclusive rights, translation rights, sub-licensing rights. Please note that none of the above rights will be included in any agreement unless specifically requested and negotiated with our office.
  11. Any other relevant information

If you would like to reproduce the material online (for example, on a blog) please also provide the following information:

  1. Web site URL
  2. Is the site password protected?
  3. Is the site subscription based? If yes, supply the fee/term
  4. Desired term of license
  5. Average monthly visitors
  6. Territory of site host
  7. Your postal address
  8. Any other relevant information

If you wish to set the material to music please contact us with information specific to your project.
If you are requesting rights that do not fall under the above categories please email us and provide as much relevant information as possible.
Please note that our invoice terms for all permissions are strictly 14 days.