Curtis Brown comprises agents with individual client lists. The requirements of each client are unique and it is the responsibility of each agent to attend to his or her clients’ needs.

Because Curtis Brown is a relatively large agency our clients also benefit from the pooled experience of agents, be it here or overseas, working together to establish opportunities and to negotiate contracts on the best possible terms.

  • We advise on the commercial viability and potential markets for our clients’ work.
  • We negotiate the best possible terms and we handle all contractual details.
  • We collect all monies due and we examine royalty statements and process payments.
  • We monitor the progress of our clients’ work and protect their interests.


Why Do I Need an Agent?

  1. To stand between you and your publisher as an objective party.

  2. To negotiate deals and obtain advantageous terms and conditions.

  3. To have someone representing you who has knowledge and experience of the publishing industry.

  4. An agent will be able to judge the commercial viability of your work in the publishing climate.

  5. To ensure that as many rights as possible in each work are exploited. These may include film rights, translation rights, audio, serial and electronic rights.

  6. To troubleshoot problems you may have during the publishing process and thereafter.

  7. To invoice and collect advances and royalties, check on sales and monitor the progress of your work.

  8. To build your career.