IDE, Timothy

Timothy Ide lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Adelaide, South Australia. He has illustrated children’s books such as A Country Christmas by Max Fatchen; the ‘Ripper and Dipper’ series of novels including Redbeard’s Kingdom by Anthony Holcroft; The Adventures of Addam by David Luckett; Nose Trouble by Jean Chapman, and the ‘Fantastica: Shapeshifter’ series by Fiona McIntosh. Some of his illustrations were selected for Harper Collin’s Realms of Tolkien project. Timothy also illustrated Tom the Outback Mailman and King of the Outback: The Story of Sidney Kidman, by Kristin Weidenbach.


  • A Country Christmas with Max Fatchen (Omnibus Books, 1990)
  • Redbeard's Kingdom with Anthony Holcroft (Omnibus Boooks, 1991)
  • Nose Trouble with Jean Chapman (Omnibus Books, 1994)
  • The Adventures of Addam with Dave Luckett (Omnibus Books, 1995)
  • Saxten's Secret with Fiona McIntosh (Omnibus Books, 2007)
  • Severo's Intent with Fiona McIntosh (Omnibus Books, 2007)
  • Tom the Outback Mailman with Kristin Weidenbach (Lothian Children's Books, 2012) Winner, 2013 Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards Eve Pownall Award for Information Books
  • King of the Outback: The Story of Sidney Kidman with Kristin Weidenbach (Midnight Sun, 2017)